Wrapper library for the Game engine (Phaser3)

Hi all,

Last year, I made an RPG (Github) with Phaser3, but it was really hard.
It was like to make a Website with only document.createElement, without HTML.

So, I made a wrapper library for Phaser3 with Vue3 to make games in declarative programming.
The name is Phavuer (Github).


(It already has the logo, but it’s still WIP project)

Try it if you interest to make a game with Vue !
It’s working good for Vue users as me.

However, it has a performance issue.

I’m not sure, the games made of Phavuer maybe works in low FPS than plain Phaser3.
(The reason of the “maybe” is there is no same games made of each way)

So I would be grateful if you take a look the source code and give me any advice.
(The source code is simple and not large)

Also you can reproduce the low performance with the example game and its config.

I would appreciate any feedback.
(and apologize that the half of this post has become HELP)