Why not a Dev App for local environments (Nodejs, Nuxt, Yarn etc)

I can tell that hence you name, DrGUI, you’re a fan of GUI’s, as am I. But programming hasn’t reached that stage yet, that’s why we’re still editing files like cavemen.

But I’m working to fix that :slight_smile:

This talk really explores how much smoother programming could be: https://youtu.be/PUv66718DII

You must watch that talk if you do 1 thing with your life :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think it could be even smoother than what he demonstrates.

Even back in the 60’s they thought programming would become spatial and more organic but it hasn’t happened.

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I get to choose which package manager I want (not sure what a package manager is) Npm / Yarn. Someone on this forum highly recommended I use Yarn on macOS. I have no idea?

whichever you pick is mostly a matter of taste. You mentioned that you already have (node and) npm installed. Then choose npm and see what the installer prompts you for next.

Concerning the $: this is a widely used convention. Imagine they just show the command: then the next user would be confused and would ask where they have to put that code. You see, it is hard to satisfy everybody.

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That sounds like a very very good idea! It honestly baffles me that no one has created an app, seriously, all these developers. I think it would get so many more people started.

I would loooove to help out with the GUI if you are interested in more ideas you can chose from.

I got the YouTube open in a tab. I’ll watch ASAP. It took me 8 years to get a grasp on what makes a good GUI. …and then I persuaded Apple to remove the STORE button. Not kidding.

Hi. Don’t write the $ it is the prompt. Write yarn and the things after it


Pretty amazing stuff. He used to be a genius at synths working for Alesis. Where can we get his app?

Have you seen the just released “Whisk”?

Pretty cool but still lacking imo, it’s basically just hot reloading :confused:

Good point! it’s not “reactive”.

Been working on my idea :wink: Surprising how complicated something so simple is

Just doing this cause I don’t think my other reply was a proper reply to you

Interesting. I didn’t imagine you would let the css code react directly “inline”. What about a vertical split page, write code on the left, generated page reacts on the right. Just like the presentation you showed me. What’s your thinking behind using this solution instead?

Very interesting!

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Nah you’re exactly right, there has to be a render view and a coding view, but one of my philosophies is that source code needs to be editable hence the global CSS being able to edit the editor itself, but yep I’ve been thinking about how to do the split view, right click or a key combination to bring up the editor, to support mobile is really hard, 5 second long press or something.

So essentially render view is a traversal algorithm that renders only some properties of a JSON tree such as components basically, and dev view renders everything without loading components.

There is a possibility to slightly merge Dev view and render view like popup modals or a global edit mode toggle which adds hover to change settings stuff.

I know that something like elementor for WordPress is similar but it isn’t real time, you still have to totally reload/recompile the page to see your work as it would look in production, this would let you see the production version directly.

I’ve been working on changing the type of a value and adding a new edge to an object value or array value.

Basically right now there’s a value component which either renders a basic value like a number, string, etc… or an object or array by iterating over the properties/edges, which spawns an edge component, and then edge component shows the edge name, when clicked it spawns a value component showing the value and then the cycle repeats recursively.

Vue does have some limitations for developer freedom in terms of dynamic components but I’m working around it just to get a demo going, and I have my own Vue fork which I’ve edited quite heavily :’)

Gotta get on Vue 3 though

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I would say always show the editor + reader. If you only show the reader it’s just a browser. If people want a browser they’ll chose something else.

Instead have a line with a touch area halfway down where people can slide and adjust the dividing line left or right seamlessly, depending on whether they want to mostly read or mostly edit. That way it’s fluent and it doesn’t feel like an either or choice.

VUE3 - exactly. I just began learning about programming. Went through the www.getmimo.com app to learn the basic JS, which I never thought I would learn but the app is great. Very grateful. Now I’m stumbling around in Vue trying to build a project right now. I’ve given up finding developers who are also entrepreneurs and prepared to work on an idea until it (hopefully) cashes in. So I gotta learn this stuff myself.

Keep me posted!

I don’t know if you already listened to this, but the instant update under 100ms made me think I should post this for you: Evan You explains “Vite”

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But the idea is that apps made with this can just be used as apps on their own by customers or users, so it needs a mode where the editor isn’t visible :stuck_out_tongue: But the editor should always be able to be enabled, even by users so they can fork an app or modify it instantly by themselves.

I haven’t listened but I’m studying for some exams at the moment, will watch it though, I signed up for the free vue mastery seminar where Evan talks about vue 3 but I forgot to watch any of the content lol, I’ll give that a watch, he tweets about Vite a lot on twitter lately lmao :’)

What idea are you working on? If you have any questions about programming let me know, I’m pretty well versed in css,html,javascript and etc… I had a mentor while learning and it helped a lot

Also what did you mean by if people want a reader they’ll go somewhere else? A JSON reader or a whole app reader??

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Ah! I think I might have misunderstood what you were doing.

I thought you were making an app developers could install with a double click without the terminal, and then it was set up with all things needed for a local development environment.

Is that what you are doing or is it something else. I’m a rookie here so I might not even understand what you’re talking about (grin)

If it’s a Dev environment I would say a left / right slider. Double click the left side to make it jump to the far left side and you got the 100% browser view. I just prefer to roll a curtain rather than having to go back and forth between two rooms (clicking tabs).

I’m working on an idea that I initially thought would be an easy idea as my first project. Wrong. And I came up with this idea because the other idea I wanted to build required a society that wasn’t closed down due to Corona …
This is a product for people who live in apartment buildings. Building administrators would then decide to subscribe at a ridiculously low price per apartment, and I would go for the volume. It’s an extremely low traffic idea. Every apartment would need it one or two times a week in most cases and it would be a 3 min. visit to the page. But need it they will.

It’s a shame you’re busy on that product you’re working on, because I think my idea could make a few pennies and I could use someone who knows what the hxxx they’re doing, while I continue to learn.

It is both an editor and an app renderer, so you can ship the editor in production, you just limit the editing capabilities of users either completely or slightly, if you want to use the app, just hide all editor windows, if you want to edit, just show some editor windows, it’s both in the one package.

And yeah you can split up and drag and resize windows any way you want, create new windows, you could have 4 at the same time or 6 or whatever you want, by windows I mean “panels” split-view panels

You don’t even have to double click, you could just go to a website which hosts this editor, and start programming, if you want to host it yourself then yeah it’d be a double double to open a html file that you download, because all your new changes would be saved and loaded automatically in the browser, you don’t need to run any scripts on your machine or in the terminal, pretty cool :wink:

Nice sounds like a good idea! My dad is a landlord for about 20 apartments so if you need a beta tester let me know :wink:

I’ll help with any questions you may have :slight_smile:

You got a PM on twitter.