Why not a Dev App for local environments (Nodejs, Nuxt, Yarn etc)

1 week in and I’m still trying to understand how I create a local Vue - Nuxt dev environment, I keep wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to create an App for Vue / Nuxt development with all the stuff installed that you need.

“Just type this in your Terminal” - “oh but first you have to download this, and before you can do that you need to install this” …and to do that "just type this in your Terminal.

I haven’t been this confused since Microsoft launched the Zune.

What is wrong with npx create-nuxt-app <project-name> (see https://nuxtjs.org/guide/installation/)?

Apparently this:
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline’

I’ve installed Yarn and something else it was dependent on, I forget the name, and I believe Nodejs is also installed. A very confusing process to a too-dumb-to-read-for-dummies

Do you think most people would prefer the most simple way to get started?

We want to learn how to code, but first we must learn how to download A, B, C and D, run several commands in the Terminal.

Xcode is a download and you’re set to go. I’m not suggesting anything new or revolutionary, just a one-click-install package compiled as an app. I’m not a developer so my vocabulary might be slightly off, perhaps you can still understand what I’m talking about.

suggests that you might have not replaced <project-name> with your project’s name (without the < and >!).

Thanks helping out.

Now it says:

$ yarn create nuxt-app myproject
-bash: $: command not found

It sounds to me like I’m supposed to download a Nuxt file somewhere? But the Nuxt page just says run this command.

This is my life, for the last week.

It’s a mystery to me that A) I can’t find a click-to-download app that just has everything included and B) I can’t find anyone who can (or will) tell me if there’s something technical to prevent someone from making an app like this?

If it’s possible, the first developer to make that app will shut down the internet. Ok, ok, I admit I might have hyped that just a tad, for effects.

I dont have yarn installed, so I tried the other installation method explained on https://nuxtjs.org/guide/installation/

npx create-nuxt-app nuxt-test

And it worked just like that without having anything else (note: I have never used nuxt before).

If I try

yarn create-nuxt-app nuxt-test

I get the expected

bash: command not found: yarn

(which is different to what you get: bash: $: command not found). This leads to my assumption: you entered the $ as part of your command (while it is only the standard placeholder for “at your command prompt type the foillowing”).

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Now I get this:

create-nuxt-app v2.14.0

:sparkles: Generating Nuxt.js project in myproject

? Project name (myproject)

See I didn’t know I had to ignore $. When they say just type this: - it’s hard to know that’s not really what they mean. It’s a minefield. I just want to learn Vue and Nuxt but they didn’t want to make it toooo easy for me. SIGH.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to make a one click install app that would enable you to just start up Visual Studio Code afterwards and get to work?

So did it finally work, or do you need further help?

Deeply appreciate your help.

I get to choose which package manager I want (not sure what a package manager is) Npm / Yarn. Someone on this forum highly recommended I use Yarn on macOS. I have no idea?

Then why are you developing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vue is a framework for developers, it isn’t a WordPress plugin.

But I agree web apps should be easier and I’m working on a huge solution. But you need to calm down a little, you’re learning, we’ve all been where you are. Just relax and take it all in

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I use npm and would stick with npm but everyone has their personal preference. That’s one thing you need to learn fast, there’s multiple ways to do the same thing. They do them slightly differently and that’s where people’s personal preference changes. There’s npm, npx, yarn, and others, just like there’s Vue, react and angular, or python, javascript, and C++

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I can tell that hence you name, DrGUI, you’re a fan of GUI’s, as am I. But programming hasn’t reached that stage yet, that’s why we’re still editing files like cavemen.

But I’m working to fix that :slight_smile:

This talk really explores how much smoother programming could be: https://youtu.be/PUv66718DII

You must watch that talk if you do 1 thing with your life :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think it could be even smoother than what he demonstrates.

Even back in the 60’s they thought programming would become spatial and more organic but it hasn’t happened.

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I get to choose which package manager I want (not sure what a package manager is) Npm / Yarn. Someone on this forum highly recommended I use Yarn on macOS. I have no idea?

whichever you pick is mostly a matter of taste. You mentioned that you already have (node and) npm installed. Then choose npm and see what the installer prompts you for next.

Concerning the $: this is a widely used convention. Imagine they just show the command: then the next user would be confused and would ask where they have to put that code. You see, it is hard to satisfy everybody.

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That sounds like a very very good idea! It honestly baffles me that no one has created an app, seriously, all these developers. I think it would get so many more people started.

I would loooove to help out with the GUI if you are interested in more ideas you can chose from.

I got the YouTube open in a tab. I’ll watch ASAP. It took me 8 years to get a grasp on what makes a good GUI. …and then I persuaded Apple to remove the STORE button. Not kidding.

Hi. Don’t write the $ it is the prompt. Write yarn and the things after it


Pretty amazing stuff. He used to be a genius at synths working for Alesis. Where can we get his app?

Have you seen the just released “Whisk”?

Pretty cool but still lacking imo, it’s basically just hot reloading :confused: