Why I can't select slots when they are being iterated in v-for?

Hello, I’m having problem in select the slot in mounted using this.$slots. But the slot I want to get is not appearing in slots as I did in this example:

PS.: It’s not a dynamic slot, is just a slot I want to use to render item in a list.

You don’t say which slot you are missing. So I have to guess:

you are missing the name slot? Well, that’s scoped slot so it’s not in $slots, only in $scopedSlots

Yes, sorry, the slot I was missing is the slot ‘item’, I was trying to access the scoped slots in this.$slots, so the right is this.$scopedSlots.item, right?
When I use a scopedSlot I have to call it as a function pass the props ,right?

Yes and yes.