Why can I sometimes see the text/graphic of a router-link on the page it jumps to?

I am very new to Vue, having recently selected it for the UI portion of a web application I’m building in my spare time. I am very happy with how easy it is to find useful components and how well it performs.

There is just one thing bothering me at this early stage.

Sometimes when I tap a router-link on one ‘page’ of my app, although it takes me to the new page as expected it keeps the text and/or graphic enclosed by the router-link tag visible on the new page.

If I rotate the phone it also stays there (survives a re-rendering caused by the orientation/geometry change).

If I so much as touch any blank space on the new page, it disappears and the problem is resolved.

This problem doesn’t seem to affect links that are not explicitly coded as router-links. For example I use vue-good-table and if I add a handler to its onRowClick method that pushes a new URL to the $router, it works perfectly and always without the visual blemish described above.

Is this issue familiar at all? Does it indicate that I’ve perhaps got some code in the wrong place either in the ‘target’ page or the originating page where the router-link is defined?

Many thanks in advance for any ideas.



I haven’t experienced this. Could you post your code?

or make a jsfiddle or codepen of it?

Thanks for the offer but I’ve found another way to achieve the same thing - just using $router calls directly now.

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