Which Vue GUI framework has the best Accessibility (A11y) support?

I’m fairly new to Vue. I’ve just started looking at some component frameworks for Vue. Trying to find one with good A11y support and not having a lot of luck. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’ve looked at Vuetify , which seems to be the most popular, it has a little support but seems to be a bit hackish. There is some Aria added but it’s only partial and doesn’t appear to be implemented correctly.

Also checked out Vue Material which seems to be the best of the popular ones I seen. Form components seem good but the other component aren’t handled.

I’ve only glance at a couple of others but they didn’t seem to have any A11y support.

Is there any good A11y friendly ones out there?

If a11y is related to search accessibility, you might want to try vue-meta.

A11y is just a shorthand way of saying Accessibility, as there are 11 characters between the A and the y.
No I not referring to to search a11y specifically, I’m referring to making the web accessible to users with disabilities by following the WCAG 2 guidelines. https://www.w3.org/WAI/fundamentals/accessibility-intro/

I’m asking more about the component libraries, like Vuetifty or others, rather than Vue in general. One of the common treads I see with most custom web components is that they focus more on the visual aspects but not make the components as usable to all users. Was looking for one that has already addressed some of these concerns rather than have to roll my own.

vue-meta does not really address what I was talking about however I do use it to help with at least one a11y issue of SPA’s in that it helps me set the page title to different values.

BootstrapVue (https://bootstrap-vue.js.org/) has accessibility as one of its main design points. All interactive components generate the appropriate roles and aria-* attributes, and where they are not generated automatically, the docs provide sections on what additional markup is required.

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Thanks for the response. I tried vue-material which had some support. Since I’ve asked Vuetify came out with version 2 which has much better support for Accessibility.

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Hi Mash19, have you had much success building completely accessible interfaces using Vuetify or another framework? If there are any publicly visible that you would feel comfortable sharing, it would be appreciated.