Which hosting for deploying nuxtjs in SSR mode?



I have already created some static generated sites with nuxtjs/vuejs. Now I want to go on step further to deploy my next page in SSR mode, because of SEO. I need now a new webhosting which supports nodejs to generate the pages on the server. I have looked a little bit around and often read digitalocean and heroku. Does someone have experience which one is easyer for deploying SSR pages and which one is cheaper in pricing over time? I will have an API (created with laravel and as database I would prefer mysql) that delivers data to a backend and a page that should be rendered SSR before delivered to the client.

cheers :wink:


There are many hosting service providers in the market but, few of them are captive on the biggest market share as likes of AWS, GCE, Azure. Although, since you are looking for tphe SEO friendly hosting then I could suggest you an hosting service which myself is also using for my ecommerce store and that is DigitalOcean hosting service. But, unlike many people I am using the managed DigitalOcean server instead of the conventional DO server which is powered by Cloudways. So, that I can focus on what I do best.


Thank you for your comment, I have now choosen heroku, because it have an easy setup for nodejs and it offers an free plan for starting and playing around :wink: But I will bookmark cloudways to take a look later.