What text editor / IDE works with .vue files?

It seems keeping component code inside a single .vue file is the recommended approach. If I was to use .vue files, would I sacrifice automatic code completion, error checking and beautifying, or are there text editors than would be able to handle these multi language files?

for me webstorm works fine without a plugin

for styles i need to say

for js i say: but linting is not working for me in vue files i made a small live template for vue


<script type="text/babel">
export default {


vinit tab

Some editor can works with .vue files.

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I’d like to know this too.

I added the type on the script tag as @cannap suggested, and I am using vue-syntax-highlight on Sublime Text.

But when I enable my linter (SublimeLinter - eslint) it doesn’t seem to pick ES2015 up.

Syntax highlight is there, but linting not.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

@alexstanbury: With the release of VSCode 1.8 the html files now pick up JS inside of them, it means that the JS inside the .vue files is now giving support for autocompletion, linting etc.

I’m using this extension: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=seanwash.vue

I just tried it quickly and seems to work pretty well.



I use Webstorm, and out of the box .vue files showed up as plaintext. This plugin seems to be working for me, though.

You should try installing the vue devtools for chrome (if that is your preferred browser), this will help possibly catch issues you may have. Other than that, I am curious what people suggest between Sublime, Atom, or vsCode for vue projects.

Thanks, it’s been a while since that question, and the following VSCode extension has been gaining some more features and seems to be a very nice tool to get a working editing environment:


The author updates it fairly often and is always looking for improvements. Being open source, anyone can jump in and help.


The very best IDE to job with *.vue is Netbeans.

To highlight go to Options --> Miscellaneous --> Files New File extension write vue. In Associated File type select HTML Files (text/html).

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Does it feature code beatifying for .vue files?

Vue has an official eslint plugin:

So any editor which supports eslint should probably support Vue linting.

I use CodeLobster IDE for Vue.js projects

  1. Install eclipse Java EE Photon Release (4.8.0)

  2. Install CodeMix plugin:

Help -> Install New Software -> http://www.genuitec.com/updates/codemix/ci/

3 Configure installed NodeJs

Window -> Preferences -> Javascript -> Tern -> Server -> Node.js -> “Node.js install” select “-- Choose your node.js install --” -> C:\dev\tools\node

  1. Convert your project to Tern project

May be you can also have a try with SpaceVim, and we also add vue layer