What is the fastest and best way to add messenger like messaging support into a vuejs app

We are building a logistics solution, that will be used by shippers and carriers ,

A typical scenario would be like, a customer talks to a carrier about their cargo to be transported.

  1. We need to save the history of the conversation, and both parties should be able to access the chat history just like they do in whatsApp or messenger
  2. Communication should be instant and real time

Apart from building this functionality from scratch , is there a similar solution that we can integrate into our vuejs app ? Something more reusable that will save us time ?

you need to do this via a server and then communicate via websocket there are also paid solution zendesk groovhq and much more

You probably want a chat api service. There’s a fair few so it’ll be up to you to determine what would suit your needs the best - I’m not aware of anything for Vue specifically, but you could look through https://github.com/vuejs/awesome-vue

I’d suggest an express server with socket.io and mongodb. Since it’s javascript, it should be easy to learn (if you haven’t used node and express before)

try with firebase database , firebase snapshots will ensure realtime updates and pagination etc, this will easy to manage.