What is the best workflow for best SEO support?

Hi Guys,

I have a set of APIs to build I want the website to be really good with SEO. What is the best approach to follow?

Some technical info,

  1. The API I have are built using Laravel and I have built the myself as client wants to build a Mobile app too.
  2. For the website, I want to use Vue. I already started implementation using Vue CLI but later found that its not very good approach from SEO point of view. I see there are some solutions for SEO purpose but its not efficient enough for big websites.
  3. The website will have 2 different kind of users for which I have used Passport with Multi auth package in laravel. APIs are working fine for that and generating tokens based on user type.

Well done. Seeing such useful post after a long time. Every SEO especially the newbies should read this one to make their SEO campaigns more effective.