What is the best way to achieve a application where I can drag and rotate images?

I am trying to create a application where you can add elements.
Added elements are visible with an image from the top view of this element.

I need to drag & rotate these objects – similar to power point for example (drag a photo into one slide and position or rotate it). Important is to get all transformation data to save it in the database.

Another not very unimportant point is: how about responsiveness?
If someone works on a 27" screen and position the elements and someone else open the same projects on a 15" screen, it would be good to have the possibility that the full container with the elements is scaleable. For example: the container has still 100vw width and automatic height but with the correct aspect ratio of the elements to the container similar to handle the full container like one image.

I did know some research but I’m still not sure which is the best solution to achieve something like this.
I tried already something with vue-moveable but I think there is maybe a better way to create something like this. Amongst other things I missed a snap function to snap one element next to one other element If I drag it

Has someone a tip which framework there exists which could help me a lot? Thank you!

has no one a idea?