What is possible with Vue on iPad?

Does anyone have experience using Vue on an iPad?
I’m new to Vue and wonder what is possible on an iPad, and what is not. The project I have in mind would require Auth0, or other method of user authentication.

I have Working Copy and Coda, but can’t figure out how I would use them with view.

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Hi. You could make webpages which contains the Vue code in script files and script tags but as soon as you need to do something involving single file components you need “real” computer to run the cli tools. Of course where is webpages which let you write your code where which can provide a missing tools. See this page https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce-now/#product-matrix

@johandalabacka, Thanks for your reply. I am beginning to understand where I will need a desktop computer.

Only, I don’t understand what the Nvidia page has to do with it. I always get redirected to a GeForce page so maybe it’s the wrong one. What does Nvidia have to do with Vue?

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I’m also trying to understand why I can’t write single-file-components directly into files on my server? If I need to install cli tools in my build environment (which I don’t know how to do), then how will it work on the server without those tools? There must be a way for me to write a single-file-component directly to a server file?

This has me puzzled for the last week and a half and I can’t seem to find any answers to this. I’ve tried posting several times in this forum about it too.

Sorry wrong link. Chatted with my son about nvifias GeForce now at the same time. This was the link I intended to post

Single file components are compiled to javascript and css files when using the build command. An it is these files you put on you webserver.

Thanks. This information was not clear to me in the documentation.

Just in case if you would like to develop an app with vue for ipad check this out.
this is actually working very well on destop mobile web and iPad or android things

Danny has an awesome course on youtube

and a paid version on Unemy