What i don't like about VueJs

I am not familiar with other framework but in vuejs, while there is a runtime error inside the loop (e.g 10) and opening/opened browser console then it took heavy RAM and throws lots of errors in the console which leads to crashing in the browser.

And it’s a bit difficult to find the error too in which component is messing up.

Do you guys also face the same error or do we need to set up some config there?

This sounds like a coding error on your behalf, not Vue.


Yeah, but that don’t mean it must consume lots of memory in browser.

As my previous comment, it sounds like an error on your behalf, not Vue.

If you’re adding loops, or functions that are handled on the front-end that are resource heavy, or are going into some sort of infinite loops, it’s an error on how you’re coding, not Vue. You’ll get these memory issues regardless of the framework you use.

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