What drives the slow page loading of my website?

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in making website and I’ve learned to create pages using Laravel and Vue, with most of the codes written in Vue. I’m asking for feedback on my website from my friends and a major common comment from them is the slow loading of my site, which takes several seconds. This appears quite weird as the codes are not lengthy and I’m using vuetify and cloudflare. The website is also compiled by npm run production, instead of development.

I don’t know how to use the tools to analyse the speed and identify how I can improve it. Could you give me some hints on that?

My website is lazyitinerary.com

For me, the initial HTTP request (the GET request for /) takes 1 second before I’ve got back a response, the rest loads fast. So it’s probably something on the server-side for that request that is slow.