We are hiring! Vue.js + Java Developers

I work for Bitvore Corp, an intelligence collection and analysis company in Irvine California that delivers precision news and information to our customers. We are excited to expand our team and currently have positions for Mid-Senior level Software Engineers and Frontend Developers.

We support applications and service written in Java as well as frontend frameworks like Vaadin (GWT), Javascript & Vue.js + Quasar. We are excited for the future of vue.js and Quasar Framework and the expansion of Bitvore.

If you have a passion for creating intelligent and intuitive applications and services, please fill out an application today! We are looking for local, in-office developers, but are also open to remote positions.

Jobs @ Bitvore

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Good day. I’m 48.
I have experience in the VUE + QUASAR + CODOVA. I develop mobile applications and cross platform applications for myself and customers. Additionally, I have experience in PHP and MYSQL

I will be glad to work with you.

My latest work https://makeself.ru/roz/site/ - (in Russian) VUE + QUASAR
My repository is at https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Dadon (in Russian) Most applications are developed on VUE + QUASAR + CORDOVA

I write, read and speak English technicals

Thank you @abcolut, we will take this into consideration.