Wasm library and vue (vue-cli3)

I’d like to use a library which is based on wasm in a vue cli3 project.
The library is available via cdn or npm.

The library was compiled from c++ source to wasm via emscripten.

In a basic html page (no framework, just some index.html), I can reference the library via a script tag, and in another script tag in the body, I can start using it like so:

<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://files.mcneel.com/rhino3dm/js/latest/rhino3dm.js"></script>
var Module = {
  onRuntimeInitialized: function() { 
    // run some code because rhino3dm.js is loaded.

This works fine.

How would I go about using this library in conjunction with vue.js? I think I’m missing something fundamental about how to do this within a vue project.

I see some information about adding the library to webpack externals in a vue.config.js file maybe like so:

module.exports = {
    configureWebpack: {
      externals: {
        rhino3dm: 'rhino3dm'

Then I suppose in a component I’d reference maybe like so:

import rhino3dm from 'rhino3dm'

In a basic page, I need to wait until wasm is loaded which is when onRuntimeLoaded fires. How would I do something similar with vue?