Vuido - native desktop applications using Vue.js

Hi all!

Recently I came across Proton Native, which makes it possible to create native desktop applications using React. I looked for a similar solution using Vue.js and I didn’t find one, so I decided to try and create one. I just published the first version of Vuido.

At the moment it’s an early prototype, but it works as a proof of concept. Just like Proton Native, Vuido is based on libui, which is currently an alpha version, but I think that it looks very promising.

The goal is to be able to create simple, lightweight and cross-platform GUI applications using Vue.js without having to ship them with the entire Electron.

This is how it currently looks like:

What do you guys think?


Very cool! Will definitely follow the project!

Very cool + very ambitious!

For someone starting a native-type project, how would this compare to using something like Electron? What does each offer above the other? When would you use one vs the other?

I think that Electron is a great platform for a medium to large scale project. It’s definitely going to be better for anything that requires a complex GUI with lots of graphics, multimedia, animations, etc. Electron is also a great solution for applications that work both in the web and on the desktop, because you can reuse most of the code.

Vuido is great for smaller applications, which don’t require a complex GUI. Electron adds a huge cost when it comes to disk space, memory usage and startup time. Having to ship a 100-120 MB application just to display a simple window with a few controls is an overkill, even on powerful desktop computers, not to mention embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi. Another advantage of Vuido is that your application will have the native look and feel of the OS.

In summary, Vuido aims to be what Qt used to be, before it became almost as bloated as Electron, but using JavaScript and Vue.js instead of C++.

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In summary, Vuido aims to be what Qt used to be, before it became almost as bloated as Electron, but using JavaScript and Vue.js instead of C++.

Does Vuido works on microcontrollers without GPUs ? Because Qt certainly fits there.

Vuido uses libui so it has the same runtime requirements. So it should work on any device that can run Linux with GTK+.

Well, these runtime requirements (in particular GTK3’s) are much heavier than what Qt needs.

My point is that GTK+ is much less heavy that Electron. I’ve been using Qt for years and I really like it, but today there’s more JS developers than C++ developers and more JS packages than C++ packages. So I think that native GUI for JavaScript can be a really good alternative.

Excelente proyecto!!! Vamos a ver si lo cambiamos a C# por VuidoJS!
Ojala que se siga colaborando!! Si necesitas ayuda, desde Argentina puedo ayuarte!
Saludos cordiales

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