Vuetify - Vue 2.0 Component Framework


Vuetify is a semantic component framework for Vue JS 2.0. It aims to provide clean, semantic and reusable components that make building your application a breeze. I originally started working on this project after I released a component framework utilizing Materialize.css. My goal was to create a process that made is extremely easy to spin up applications, while also supporting features such as Vue’s SSR (Server Side Rendering).

Framework Features

  • Easy-to-use semantic markup
  • Made for Mobile
  • Layout support for numerous structures
  • Supports Vue SSR (Server Side Renderer)
  • Pre-made Vue CLI Templates
  • Built in Event Bus
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Easily extendable

Of the 3 pre-made templates, one has been created specifically for an SSR application. Based on the Vue 2.0 Hackernews github repository.

Webpack SSR Features

  • Buble Compiler
  • Sass/Stylus pre-processor configured
  • Cache Busting
  • Template compression
  • Meta management for seo optimization
  • Hot reloading
  • and much more

In the coming months I will also be releasing a component pack targeted for Admin UI’s, as well as adding additional components to the already extensive lineup. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


This looks pretty awesome!!


Thank you! I’m trying to make it even easier to get into some of the new Vue ecosystem. Appreciate the comment.


Very cool - lots of great stuff here!


Awesome is the word :smile:
Keep it up.


One question. Does Tab component label/header have Swipe-able paging? (For mobiles, that is)


Not currently, in the pipeline.


This is Awesome!


That’s cool :+1:


This is coming with v0.8.6 release.


Hey John, that’s great news. I checked for Tab component. Llooks like its v0.8.6 already.
Couldn’t find the Swipe-able header in the examples. Did you get a chance to update it?

Thanks a bunch.


Hi John, I see a “scroll-bars” option in tabs Api. Is this what you meant? :slight_smile:
I was under the impression there would be a touch based action/swipe somewhat similar to this:
You can swipe with the mouse and scrollbars wont be shown. I had used it in a project to implement swipeable tabs
functionality. (A plain JS project). Maybe I was expecting too much :smiley:
Nevertheless, what you have done is very impressive. I’d rate this as the best material ui based Vuejs framework.


You most certainly can swipe tabs on mobile. The scroll bars are just there per spec. Ty for the rating. Lots of really cool stuff coming soon with new components - dividers, progress-linear, and refactored components - lists, sidebar, navbar.


So cool . Keep it up .:sunglasses:


@johnleider Thanks for all the great work.

I just started using Vuetify in a project and it is so nice to work with. The docs are great, and I really appreciated the quick start templates!

Keep up the great work!


Thank you! New release will be coming out soon, it’s going to be amazing.


Version 0.13 has just been released!


hi guys;
where is a good place to ask questions about vuetify?
there is no reference in their website except for github which has the ‘issues’ section but I guess that for bugs…


The best place to receive help would be in the official gitter,


Very cool and awesome. It has got everything needed.