Vuetify: How to get src for v-img by $axios?


I have a get request that redirects me to the URL with the image.

I use the Axios. I set a proxy for it because CORS doesn’t let me do request from the client to the server.

axios: {
    prefix: '/api',
    proxy: true
  proxy: {
    '/api': 'http://localhost:8081'

When I do request to the server with API I should do something that:

const url = "/companies"

export const getLogo = function ($axios, id) {
  return $axios.get(url+ `/${id}/logo`)

This request will be next, for example:


My Server returns me redirect to the URL image.
For example:


If I want to use it requests in v-img I should do that:

<v-img :src="'http://localhost:8081/api/companies/' + + '/logo'"></v-img>

In this case, I should write a URL in my template.

How can I do a request for v-img by using $axios that is set with proxy, prefix, and URL?