Vuetify Data Table Refresh

I am relatively new to Vue/Vuetify. I have a .vue that contains a v-form with an “Add” button for user input and a data-table. The intent is to allow the user to enter desired values in the v-form, and upon clicking the Add button the object array that is bound to the data-table is updated and then displays in the data-table. I have verified that the object array is being updated properly from a console-log in the Add button click method. However, the data-table does not refresh. I have a feeling that getting the data-table to refresh each time the object array is updated is a relatively easy task, but I can’t seem to figure out the approach. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

Please provide code related to your issue. Without it, it’s hard for us to help. You can refer to our guide on asking for help for more information. Thanks!

The view can be updated. When you click Add and push array, it is supported and can be responsive