Vuetfy 2 + Nuxt

Just curious is anyone has noticed major memory consumption issue after upgrading to Vuetify 2?

My dev build went from ~600mb to 1.25gb to 1.5gb after upgrading to Vuetify 2. Not a single file change to account for a whopping double of dev memory usage.

And after 30 mins dev always fails with error:
FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory

Before the udate to Vuetify if I kept dev running after a full day it would get that error but thats after a good 6-8 hours in dev.

Now after 10-30 mins dev dies with that error. And now takes on average of 5 mins to build dev and about 2 mins for any change so its killing development for-sure for me. HMR also stopped working. I have to manually F5 the page to see any html structure changes. If I change text from this to that it reloads fine but if I add / remove any html no changes happen, always needs a hard refresh and 90% chance F5 refresh also results in the out of memory error.

Anyone else having any issues after upgrade?