VueFront - Vue powered agnostic frontend for your old fashioned Blog and E-commerce site

Wouldn’t you like to see your current Wordpress or magenta site reactive? Built with Vuejs and GraphQL, you can easily test your current CMS with VueFront.

That is the basic idea. You get to keep your old CMS, your business flow and everything you are used to while upgrading only the Frontend of your site.

We have started VueFront a month ago. It is in active production. If you want to try it and even contribute, please do. We are open to ideas and suggestions on github

Our main focus is SIMPLICITY. we want to have ordinary people enjoy the power of vuejs and whats the best way to do that then test it with your current site. and you can always go back.

Website docs
Web Demo

Looking forward to any comments.
Thanks, Dmitriy
The VueFront Team