VueCheckBox issues

I created a user page with checkboxes but I am having some issues:

  1. Unable to see the checked boxes on the pages after reload,
  2. I can not uncheck the values in the EditForm, if i try to click on checkbox the value is pushing to the array even it is already exist in the array


isChecked(teamPermission) {
      let checkStatus = this.currentTeam.permissions.some((permission) => {
        return === permission.permissionType;
      return checkStatus;

    newPermission(permission) {
      // console.log("NewPermission", permission);
       this.newAssignedPermissions= this.currentTeam.permissions;
      // console.log('ASSIGNED PERMISSIONS', assignedPermissions)
      // console.log('NEW ASSIGNED PERMISSIONS', this.newAssignedPermissions);
      return this.newAssignedPermissions;



your text

<ul v-for="permission in permissions" :key="">
                        class="form-check-input mt-0"
                        :value="{ permissionType: }"
                        aria-label="Checkbox for following text input"

                      <label class="ms-2" :for="">
                        {{ }}

UI is not showing the the existing permissions but when I click edit and select a new checkbox UI is showing the selected checkboxes and also when I unselect the checkbox, it still pushing the values making the dublicate checked values

                            v-for="givenPermissions in newAssignedPermissions"
                                givenPermissions.permissionType - 1