Vue4 Rumors?

I can’t be the first to post this right? Since I’ve been so restraint as to wait this long to ask:
What is coming in Vue4??? (Sorry, I’m just that type of personality)

Considering Vue 3 is still under the next tag, I’d say Vue 4 is a very long way away.

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Don’t tell me that keeps you from wondering … I would never believe you (snicker).
I wonder where things are headed next.
Vue2 Simple
Vue3 Advanced
Vue4 brews js coffee?

I don’t really know if you are trolling. Just in case you are serious about it, let me explain in details why Vue 4 will not be up so fast and it is way too early to discuss Vue 4.

  1. Vue 3 composition API is new. It is a step in the direction for typescript and the user behaviour on using composition API is still uncertain. More time is needed to build and improve on this based on user feedback.

  2. Pains of migration. Any migration of a major version is a pain. Even for a mid-sized app, it can take a month or 2 with testing. Even after testing, there may be bugs hidden somewhere which you might not expect. Any major version change is a nightmare for the developers, hence having such huge changes frequently will turn off developers and people will stop using vue if Vue 4 is in the pipeline when Vue 3 is still under the “next” tag. Unless you plan your framework to be used by hobbyists only, with simple apps.

Unless there are any major shifts in the behaviour in the JS community, there should not be any major version changes soon and each major version change should ideally last between 4-5 years. I think you should be able to bring up this discussion at around 2024 and someone might give you a good picture about Vue 4 then.

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#2 is by far the biggest hurdle for v3 - one of which is being experienced by many, myself included. Unfortunately a lot of packages built for v2 are unusable with v3 (and it seems a lot of maintainers have abandoned their projects or are slow on a rewrite - understandable) which is a major blocker for any mid-sized+ app. I’d love to get my companies app on v3, but the path to upgrade is just too great at this point.

Unfortunately, I think the jump to v3 has been too much of a breaking one - which has lead to a much lower adoption and thus the reason v3 is still under next. Not trying to sound all doom & gloom, but this is exactly why a v4 isn’t anywhere near to being on the roadmap.

Yeah. Taking the lesson from python where the founders are scared to even think of Python 4 (Programming languages: Why Python 4.0 might never arrive, according to its creator - TechRepublic).
It’s really hard to do major version changes for something that is a framework to a programming language level. I took about 2 month and rewrote almost all the files for my company’s app. Had to do some forking of some packages to make the Vue 2 code work with the Vue 3 version. Don’t think I will be ready for another migration in the near future

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Thanks for responding, but you’re reading a little more into my post than what I actually wrote. Never said it was coming soon, or that Vue4 was going to be a fundamental change like Vue3 was.

I was simply asking, not telling, what people thought Vue4 might introduce.