Vue3, Vuetify3 and Vite with Typescript.

I looked everywhere online for a template of this stack, but couldn’t find any result that could satisfy me, so I thought why not make it myself and publish it for the community.

What’s this stack?
It is special stack especially for Vue lovers that is completely new and up to date and will boost your development speed and production bundle.

What’s special about this template?

  • Everything is built on top of Vite, which is a new beast in the web development field.
  • It contains prebuilt configurations for all the necessary Vue3 boilerplates (Vuex Store with modules, Router, Mixins, Middleware and Directives).
  • Vuetify 3 with custom themes is completely integrated to the project and works fine with typescript and Vue 3.
  • SCSS is also configured, as I knew not everyone is actually a fan of pure CSS :smiley:
  • It is all written in modern Typescript modular form with latest Vue SFC and mode
  • All Integrations and configurations between those 4 technologies are handled, as making them to work together isn’t really straightforward :grinning: and this was the reason I decided to make this.
    it is a clone-and-code ready package.

Template Repo:

Feel free to contribute/share any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I think using postcss instead of scss and pinia instead of vuex shall be better for Vue3

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