Vue3, routing within slots does not work correctly


I added a multilanguage layer to my homepage:
I have the following component structure for e.g. my about-page:

EnAbout (English) → About
EsAbout (Spanish) → About

I pass my about-text, in English and Spanish to my About component via a slot.
That works well.
However, I have a $router.push() event in my HTML to my contact page, that does not work correctly anymore. How to adjust the code here?

This is the Code passed to the slot in EnAbout:

  <p style="color:#fff;">
    Dear visitors, <br/><br/>
     TEXT ...
    Please click  <span @click=" this.$router.push({path: 'en/contact'});"
                  style="cursor:pointer;">HERE</span> to get in contact with me.

When I click on the link, the router redirects me to ‘en/en/contact’, same in Spanish ‘es/es/contact’ How to get routed to 'en/contact and ‘es/contact’?