Vue vs. React as WordPress Core Framework


The topic of integrating a new JavaScript framework in WordPress has proven to be both lively and contentious. What do you think about the arguments? Do you have other arguments for choosing vue as a framework? So feel free to join the discussion:



I’m happy to participate in this dicussion, but I’m having trouble understanding what the to-be chosen framework will be used.

  1. For the backend Administration area?
  2. In the official template?
  3. both? Or surely the first, maybe also the second?

Also, are there any resources (maybe a small demo / tutorial) how thrid-party developers integrate their plugins etc. into the admin area today? I know Wordpüress basics but am not that familiar with developing for wordpress, so I need some basic understanding how people work today…


Hi Sören, I’m using it atm for a major project and so far it’s working brilliantly… There’s also the fact that Vue can just be “dropped” onto a page with a link to a CDN and you can start doing really useful/cool stuff immediately, or if you need something more complex, there’s the CLI for pre-compiling/transpiling with ES6/7 etc.

Also, this would be THE perfect platform for Vue to gain even greater global traction - something I was thinking about the other day actually, and I was thinking along the lines of Microsoft becoming its “sponsor”, but if WP stepped in, this would propel Vue from the amazing place it is in now, and gaining traction/adoption right across the spectrum, from small outfits to major agencies, into a major force in the JS framework arena.

It should also be noted, that ANYTHING you can do in React, you can do in Vue, even JSX if you must, and just going on my recent experience with it, it just works, straight out of the box, and works brilliantly, too, one example being the transitions effects and the control it brings to front-end dev…

Anyhoo, my 2c but we’ll using Vue even if WP decides upon React!


Being Wordpress is based on PHP, Vue is a much better “cognitive fit” than React is. I know that may sound funny, but it is true. Take how the Laravel community have jumped onto Vue. That is a fitting example.




The discussion is only regarding the wp-admin area, but will most likely influence plugin and theme developers in the future.

Currently there are several different ways developers build plugins and themes, none of which follow a set standard or pattern. In some ways, this has also been the practice for JavaScript in WordPress until the last few years. Primarily JavaScript with WordPress is primarily written in Backbone, but there are several instances in Core which do not use Backbone.

This discussion is about using the WordPress admin area forward and setting a standard not only for Core developers, but also for plugin, theme and other developers to emulate.

Hope this helps a bit.