VUE UI config with external file

I have a vue app with a django backend. We have the use case where we need to deploy this app to 2 different sites. Each sites needs to slightly change the UI. For example the label of a button at Site1 Needs to say “Site1 Button” and Site2 needs to say “Site2 Buttons”.
I have two questions.

  1. Is is possible to do this with a config file that is loaded by VUE at the start of the application?
  2. Is is possible/better to do this with a db object that would pass the config variables to Vue?

I am new to VUE.

Hi, did you manage to sort this? I have a similar problem but most people say I need to add the specific properties during build time. This cannot be done as I don’t have all property values from the customers as these are very sensitive. Therefore I need to inject the values somehow during deployment. Or have them made available in the JBOSS server to which I am deploying.