Vue Text Editor and Color Theme

Hello - new vue-er here…

I know this is a stupid question lol, but what editor and color theme are they using in the Vue Mastery videos?

I assume VS Code, but cannot find the color scheme and really like it…

Editor is Microsoft Visual Code. I think the theme is the default for dark mode

Yea, I definitely think it’s MS Code, but it’s definitely not the default color scheme… I’ll keep looking lol =]

I didn’t look at it but I think the answer is in this video:

Answer at 8’10: and in text:

Color Themes: Finally, if you’re wondering how to change your theme in VS Code, or if you’re wondering which one I’m using here, you can go to Code > Preferences > Color Theme.

As you can see, I’m using FlatUI Dark. You can change your theme color to any of these options here, or you can search for other themes in the extensions store.

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Thanks for the very good sharing from you.

Can I download here and use it for free?

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