Vue server side rendering performance issue

I got an weird issue. Here is my code for rendering the vue pages. In my local machine, the rendering time for this page is about 50~80ms around, however, if i access the page parallel, sometimes could be 120ms around(maybe 5 times out of 200 requests ), but most of time, it is still 50~80 ms.

However, when i deploy the code to our production docker, these peek time is getting worse, sometimes it can reach 1 second, and got 500ms a lot of times, the performance is bad. It makes no sense, the request load is not heavy and we have load balance too. For a similiar page which we are using EJS to render, we don’t see this kind of peek a lot. The backend logic and services using for EJS and Vue are all the same.

Client side rendering is also the same, it has similar symptom.

Does any body know what kind of reasons could lead this issue?