Vue-Routing not work on mobile device only

i used vuetify button to change URL but it works only work with Computer, not with mobile or not with mobile size in devtool google chrome, and its my code…

  class="mx-3 my-12 d-flex"
  v-for="(item, index) in films"
  <v-img max-height="230" max-width="200" :src="item.filmPoster"></v-img>
    <v-card-title>{{ }} (Time : {{ item.time }}:00)</v-card-title>

      <div>{{ item.desc }}</div>

    <v-divider class="mx-4"></v-divider>
    <div class="allDays">
        class="my-2 mx-4 subtitle-2"
        v-for="(day, index) in item.days"
        <span>{{ day }}</span>

    <v-card-text class="d-flex py-2">
        v-for="(zhaner, index) in item.zhaner"
        <v-chip>{{ zhaner }}</v-chip>
      <v-btn rounded default :to="'/film/' +" exact>
        See More...
and its router file

const routes = [
path: “/”,
name: “Home”,
component: Home,
path: “/film/:name”,
name: “FilmPage”,
component: FilmPage,

i added another button to change theme and it was worked but only this one doesn’t work and when i go to the link by writing URL custom its not work and not show me anything (On Mobile)