Vue router dynamic meta

I have the following

path: '/subject/:subjectname',
  components: {
    default: Student,
    nav: PrimaryNav
  meta: {
    breadcrumb: 'Home Student',
    pagetitle: 'View Subject'

Rather than ‘view subject’ as the page title I would like to use the subject name. Is this possible?

Well, how do you actually set the page title?


the @ because it is a blade template.

pagetitle: route => `View ${route.params.subjectname}`
  @{{this.$route.meta.pagetitle(this.$route) }}

Nice one thanks.

meta: {
        breadcrumb: [{
            name: 'Companies',
            name: route => `View ${}`,

But, I am just getting the raw function output.


Can someone help me with this?


This isn’t the correct answer. As @ikram-shah mentions below, this just stringifies the function call.

meta: {
    title: route => route.params.assetid,

function title(route) { return route.params.assetid; }

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As @dwilhel1 said, the function gets printed, not the returned value.
Did anyone find the way?

Did you also make the template change that was suggested?

Yes I did but it didn’t work. What I am doing now is watching the route from the component and manipulating the meta data from there, without touching directly the route file.