Vue Router does not work when i add router dynamically through javascript

//My function inside rsalesearch.vue where i add dynamically router-view
{ console.log(“running”);
<router-link to='retailsaleview/${id}'>${id}</router-link>,user,sum,date


Not sure, but shouldn’t that be

retailsaleview/${id} (in Backticks - which I struggle to enter in the forum’s editor. Backticks instead of the single quotes you use in your example)



Thanks for replaying but it is not working actually when i write it in php it work and change
<router-view> to <a> tag but when i add it through javascript the <router-view> remain router view

Please use syntax highlighting with your code examples.

Regarding your issue, don’t construct your row with raw code. Instead, use a v-for loop in your template and construct with your data. This way when new rows are added they will rendered by Vue.


  <router-link to=`retailsaleview/${ }` v-for="row in rows">{{ }}</router-link>
export default {
  data () {
    return {
      rows: [
          id: 'foo',
          user: 'foo',
          // etc.
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