Vue js title multiple value

Hello, I need your help.

I’d like to put two values in the title.

:title="template.foldername1, template.foldername2"

What should I do?
I want to put the same result as this data.
{{ template.foldername1 +">"+ template.foldername2 }}

<tr v-for="template in products">
        <td class="left" v-if="template.parent_folder === 0">
              <span :title="template.foldername2" class="disc_tooltip">{{ template.foldername2 }}</span>
          <td class="left" v-else>
               <span :title="template.foldername1, template.foldername2" class="disc_tooltip">{{ template.foldername1 +">"+ template.foldername2 }}</span>

Anything within the quotes will be evaluated, so you can simply do :span="template.foldername1 +'>'+ template.foldername2"

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