Vue.js multi Page update

Two months ago I saw a video about Vue.js in which the “evangelist” opened two windows connected with the same page. He edited the data in one window and authomatically the data changed also in the other window. Have you some information about this technique? Maybe he used some particular library of Vue.js to do that? I don’t find this YouTube video anymore…

I add some particular.

I want to create a page that should be used from many people and from many PCs. Currently this page makes an ajax call to update itself from every PC every 7 seconds. I made this page with JQuery. By the way I saw that this page becomes very expensive and slow.

My idea is to make that page with Vue.js. I would like that when a user edits that page even the other users from other PC sees that page changing. In other words my target is too make that page as fastest as possible.

Is it possible to do that with Vue.js? Have you some suggestions?