Vue.js Input field loses focus after entry only one character


I compiled a short code to Android without any problem, but I have a short probem with the IOS version.
I did a form with 3 input, when I selected one input the keyboard doesn’t show. And when I forced the keyboard to be displayed, I’m able to enter only one caracters after that the keyboard is hidden.
See bellow the code and captured video.

<template lang="pug">
    #login.centerVH.needs-validation.fadeinout-0-2(novalidate, url='/')
      input.form-control(name="societe"  type="text")
      input.form-control(name="email",   type="email")
      input.form-control(name="password", type="password")
        input(id="reminder", type="checkbox", v-model="reminder")
        label(for="reminder") Se souvenir de moi
      button.btn.btn-primary(id="submit", type="submit", @click="submit") 
        | Se connecter
    .version Version {{ $store.getters.appVersion }}

Thanks in advance for your help.

I just saw that the problem is not only located with an IOS app but with safari. I have the same problem when i’m trying to connect with safari on my server.

Somebody have an idea ?

Solved: The CSS property «user-select: none;» has a strange comportement …