Vue.js 3 vs. Angular

For developers who use both of them, do you believe that Vue.js 3 can replace Angular in large and complex projects?

I read almost everywhere that Angular is powerful when it comes to large scale projects. My question, do you think Vue.js 3 can do the job in every project, small or big?

Personally I love Vue.js 3 because the code is straightforward and compact (compared to Angular) and because of the freedom it gives the developer when structuring the code.

Any shared ideas and experiences are highly appreciated, thank you.

While I don’t see a reason why Vue would necessary replace Angular - I don’t see a reason why things that can be done in Angular cannot be done in Vue.
Both frameworks have wonderful and rich ecosystem.
Vue surpasses Angular in interest and weekly downloads in NPM.
Angular is better represented in corporate hivemind as ‘big seriious app for our serious business’.

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Yes You are certainly right.

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So, I understand from your experience that Angular should not have any advantage over Vue.js 3. All can be done using Vue.js 3.

Glad to hear. Hope for more feedback on this :slight_smile:

That assumption is extremely biased and incorrect.

Angular has advantages over Vue, just like Vue has advantages over Angular, just like React has advantages over both of them and vice versa.

Every framework is a tool created around a specific paradigm of thought. That paradigm is reflected in how the tool works, what needed for it to work and what task that tool does the absolute best.
Just as you cannot hammer nails with a screwdriwer or drive screws with a hammer, you cannot do certain things with Vue, because the developers of framework actively against it or it is not scalable in such way or there is no eco-system for it, or a thousand other things.

And while it is calming to repeat the same mantra to ourselves, that the framework we’re learning is the best - it is important to remember why we have such diverse toolkit of frameworks in the first place.