Vue+jest+Vuetify 2.0.*+unit testing : Getting an error as "[Vue warn]: Unknown custom element:<v-container> "

Thanks for looking at my issue. Kindly please help me to fix the issue.
When i am using Vuetify 1.0, and vue-loader version >1.3, Unit test cases are running with no warning or errors.
But When I am switching to “Vuetify - 2.0.2”, “vue-loader - 1.4.3” , “vue-jest”: “^2.5.0” and “jest”: “^22.4.3” , keep getting below error.

 console.error node_modules/vue/dist/       
[Vue warn]: Unknown custom element: <v-container> - did you register the component correctly? For recursive components, make sure to provide the "name" option.
        found in
        ---> <someComponent>