Vue import sqlite3 error

node v12.5.0
npm -v6.9.0
vue -V @vue/cli 4.5.7


  1. vue create demosqlite
  2. yarn add sqlite3
  3. yarn add aws-sdk
  4. md5.js
const { join, dirname } = require('path');
let md5Sqlite = require('sqlite3').verbose();
export { md5Sqlite }
  1. About.vue
import { md5Sqlite } from '../router/md5'
export default {};
  1. yarn serve
  2. run http://localhost:8080/
  3. click /about
[Vue warn]: TypeError: Cannot read property '_handle' of undefined
[Vue warn]: Unhandled error during execution of native event handler 
  at <RouterLink to="/about" > 
  at <App>
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Couldn't resolve component "default" at "/about"
    at eval (vue-router.esm-bundler.js?6c02:1903)