Vue File Agent 1.5 - Major refactor to TypeScript with resumable uploads, at 17kb minified

Vue File Agent - the most beautiful and full featured file upload component for Vue JS - went through a major refactor for the latest version (1.5.0) and has been finally released.

Live Demo:

What’s new:

v 1.5 Superb Fairy-Wren - released on Dec 18

  • Majar Refactor: Transformation from Legacy JS to TypeScript 3.7.3 with noImplicitAny
  • 55% file size reduction in built files: 17KB minified, gzipped
  • New Feature :tada: Resumable Uploads with resumable prop: Official Itergration of protocol #15
  • Prettier code!

Previous releases and features:

v 1.4 Spotted Pardalote - released on Nov 17

  • New Feature :tada: Drag sortable support with sortable prop (courtesy of vue-slicksort by @Jexordexan) #20

v 1.3 Rock Wren - released on Oct 9

  • New Feature :tada: Support dropping folders (Thanks to @kevinleedrum) #17
  • Vibrant update for default theme with seamless background for meta.
  • Major CSS (SCSS) refactoring with modular styles.

v 1.2 Yellow Canary - released on Sep 13

  • New Feature :tada: File names can be renamed with editable prop #5

v 1.1 Humming Bird - released on Aug 29

  • Official list theme added :tada:

v 1.0 Zebra Finch - released on Aug 23

  • Initial release for public
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