Vue Component for Floating/Sticky Thead

I recently dabbled with vuejs and I thought a good way to learn some parts of it is to try to build a modular plugin.
I’ve used the library by Misha over at to make the table head stick at the top upon scrolling. It is a great library and being actively maintained by him.

So I thought why not would build a drop-in component for that kind of Table.
Love to share it with you guys, the npm over at and on github.

Let me know what you think, try it, or is there anything I can improve on when shipping a vue plugin.

I’m getting the following error when using this,

Error in mounted hook: “TypeError: this.table.floatThead is not a function”

Anyone know how to fix?

Also get the following when installing the plugin via npm

High Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Package jquery

Patched in >=3.0.0

Dependency of vue-floatthead

Path vue-floatthead > jquery