Vue-cli VS module bundler and task runner

Hi there !

Here’s my situation: I’m a junior developer who has to create the front end of a big web app, but although I have worked on these kinds of apps before I never had to set the whole environment around the app, everything was already in place every time and I could just to use the tools.
I’m asked to choose, among others, which module bundler and task runner to use. Though the more info I find about this the more I get the feeling that every time it’s something that vue-cli is already handling.
Why should I install gulp or webpack when vue build compiles the typescript, minify the js and css, and bundle all of that in unique files (and others) ?
Is it precisely the whole point of vue-cli, or am I missing something important here ?

Thank you in advance for your advices :slight_smile:

Yes. That’s the point of Vue CLI: To seut up al of those tools for you.

depending on the things that need to be done, it can be benefitial to also have a task runner like gulp, i.e. to to do some image optimization through a task in gulp. That can also be done with a webpack plugin probabyl, but that’s not always the best choice.

But for 90% of what you need for a project, vue CLI sets it all up for you: Webpack, a development server, build config, unit testing, End2End testing etc. pp.

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Hi thx for your answer ! Perfect, that’s exactly what I wanted to know, I suspected it to be the case but I wanted to be sure and not stupidly mess things up ^^