Vue cli failed to compile without showing error details

My project with vue cli 3 was working very well I do not know what happened that project fails to compile with 13 errors, 94% after sale.
Console does not show error details. How could I see the details?

  1. by compile do you mean ‘npm run build’?
  2. after sale - what do you mean by that?
  3. are you using vue developer or production version?
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I mean the error message in console is exactly this:

starting development server…
94% after seal
Error failed to compile with 13 errors.

I do not mean build. I run this npm script: vue-cli-service serve

About your third question how could I configure vue cli 3 for development or production?

1st and 3rd questions are related.

Can you share a screenshot with this?

Is this completely new Vue-CLI project?

I created a project as explained here:
Then I made many changes for my needs.
I can give a screenshot. Please let me know from which file or whatever else you want the screenshot. Here you can see files of my project and the package.json

and here is the error in console:

Before displaying the error console shows this message:

It seems it is working on chunk assets and then fails.

I found what the problem was. I have deleted images folder from assets directory that is why I could not run the project.
But something that is still strange to me is that why I could not see any details of the error in the console!

I have the same problem. I don’t see a “verbose” flag or anything like that to output more detailed logs. Has anything changed in this regard in the past two years?