Vue CLI 3 Release Timing

I’m sure the team doesn’t like to commit to timing on releases, which I totally support; however, I’m currently working on a Vue Fundamentals training course and I’m trying to decide whether to proceed with the 2.x cli or wait for the 3.x cli. I’d prefer to wait for the 3.x cli, but not sure if I can. I’m curious if you have a feeling at this point for how far away a non-beta release is. Thanks!

We plan for an official release in the next couple of weeks. If everthing goes perfect, end of April, if not, maybe a few weeks longer.

The only bigger things to do (besides a few bugs) are the switch to webpack 4 and vue-loader 15.

The former probably won’t have much effect on the public API, but vue-loader 15 will probably result in a change of the vueLoader options available in vue.config.js

So I don’T see much of a problem to design you course on vue-cli 3, it’s alsready used in a bunch of projects and won’t change much in the few weeks left till the final release.


Excellent, thank you. I’ll be teaching the production deployment stuff at the end anyhow. As far as the structure of the project that is visible to the user, do you think that it’s very likely that the files/folders generated will change at all? Sounds unlikely. Thanks so much for your response.

That structure will stay the way it is 99%.

The content of some of the config files that are generated might change as we fix bugs and integrate webpack4&vue-loader

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Good job !