Vue-Class-Component in Vue3

Hi All

I’m currently looking at migrating from Vue2 to Vue3.

My current set of applications have all been written using vue-class-component and vue-property-decorators along with using vuex-moddule-decorators for our vuex stores.

I had a look at the vue-class-component repo to see if there was support for vue3 and it looks like a release candidate for V8 which supports vue3 was released just under a year ago but there has been nothing since.

Does anyone know weather there is a plan to keep going with this lib? or are we on our own?

I’m a bit of a fan of the class based syntax and would like to keep using it if I can.

Thanks in advance




I am just stuck with the same question. My project also utilizes vue-template-loader. From my understanding, it is possible to have a class-based syntax with vue3 but it is not recommended. I am also unsure how long they will maintain the class-based support. I think the Vue team dislikes the idea because class-based components are inefficient.

I think what would be great if there is a guide to properly migrate to Vue 3 with all your class-based components and then slowly discard the lib.

Sources I found useful.

Please let me know if you find more info

Hi Phillas.

Can I ask how the migration went, and what your experience was?

Thanks :slight_smile: