Vue Chimera - A full-featured reactive vuejs RESTful client, SSR campatible



Vue Chimera is a full-featured RESTful client that brings reactivity to restful api world. Vue Chimera is inspired by vue-apollo (graphql) and based on Axios http client library.


  • Define Resources, Fetch them, and use resource state variables
    • status: Response status (200 or…)
    • data: JSON Response
    • loading: check if it’s loading
    • headers: response headers
    • lastLoaded: The last time load date object
    • error: Error object
    • and …
  • All of the state props are reactive and can be used in template or programmatically
  • Resources can be fetched initially in page load or after a button clicked!
  • Resources can also be prefetched by Nuxtjs module (detail in documents)
  • Resources can be auto refreshed after time
  • Axios object can be modified
  • Events will be triggered on resources
  • Responses can be transformed
  • Responses can be cached

It’s on a pre release yet. Please take look at repository at github, we would appreciate your stars, reviews, contribution, and bug reports. Thanks a lot.

For further partnership on vue-chimera email me at