Vue Array converted to Proxy object

Hi, I am a beginner to vue js
I want to start practicing vue js and found a problem when I try to fetch data from a (dummy) API using Axios.
So the problem is, when I get the response object and retrieve the data by typing (, I get a normal array. But when I try to store this array in a vuex repository or in a local data component, I find that the array is being transferred to a proxy (where my array is the target and a handler). How can I stop this conversion or how can I deal with the proxy to manage data (delete - update …)
Thanks in advance.!


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The proxy is Vue’s reactivity system. Treat it just like the array. Pretend it isn’t there. Everything you can do with the original array you should do via the proxy instead. Going via the proxy allows Vue’s reactivity system to track dependencies and changes to the array.


Thanks a lot.
it worked.

Bullshit… If you are comparing with [] your code broke !