Vue app not working on iOS

I have a vue 2 app with that components:

  • @adoratorio/aion
  • @adoratorio/apollo
  • @adoratorio/hades
  • @adoratorio/medusa
  • axios
  • core-js
  • dot-object
  • fontfaceobserver
  • grapesjs
  • gsap
  • hammerjs
  • intersection-observer
  • locomotive-scroll
  • moment
  • normalize-wheel
  • qs
  • raf-loop
  • register-service-worker
  • sass-mq
  • stats.js
  • virtual-scroll
  • vue
  • vue-router
  • vue2-datepicker
  • vuejs-datepicker
  • vuex
  • vuex-router-sync

When I try to use it on pc (windows, mac or linux) and on android device every work fine, but on iOS (iPhone ad iPad) app not load, I don’t know why

I have the same result with “Simulator” app for arm mac that simulate iOS

Using simulator I can access to console and network attivity but nothing strange append, simply the app stop loading

The app: Rossetti Pavimenti
On localhost and on dedicated server the resoult not change

How can I do?

Thank you

More than likely one of the many plugins you have installed has an incompatibility with webkit on iOS. This is usually caused by its lack of PWA feature support.

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Thank you, it was disable-scroll that cause an error that blocked the app’s loading functions