Vue apollo error: "Variable "$id" of required type "ID!" was not provided."


I’ve written apollo queries and mutations in Vue before but I’m running into an error with the following block of code:

  methods: {
    removeList(list) {
      if (confirm(`Are you sure you want to remove: "${list.title}"`)) {
          mutation: gql`
            mutation($id: ID!) {
              removeList(id: $id) {
          variables: {
            id: list.Id

If I run the mutation in the graphiql interface, it works just fine. However, calling the removelist function from my Vue fronted results in the “Variable “$id” of required type “ID!” was not provided.” error message. does represent a valid value.

Any help in resolving this issue is much appreciated.

such a stupid mistake!!!

in my code, list.Id has UPPERCASE “i.” It was supposed to be lower case. I’m embarrassed but I’ll leave it up here in case it might help someone else.