Vue and Threejs 3D demo

I have been working with Vue and threejs. I have created a demo from the project github/greenpdx/vue3d and the demos at vue3d
I have only been using vue for a few weeks now, so I am sure I am doing many things wrong.
If anybody knows how to load data into the store and not directly display it, help would be appreciated.

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Hello! Iā€™m trying to use threejs in vue, but so far I have not succeeded. Is there any tutorial link that shows how to do that. Thanks in advance!

Hi Rick
I created a component for each threejs object. Look at

Here are the components. Tnv3D.vue is the top.
For debugging, start from the renderer, then scene,ā€¦

Hope the example helps.

I will look in to it more now.
I will try to setup a test for you to test your setup.